Project Leadership and Quality Management in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry

Our Mission

Tikopia Consulting is a consulting company specialized in project leadership and quality management for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and related industry.
It is our mission to help our partners to develop therapeutics in the shortest possible time, with the most efficient use of resources, without compromising the defined quality.

Why Tikopia?

Tikopia, one of the southernmost of the Solomon Islands, inspires the name of the company. The residents can look back to a 3000 years successful history of continuous, sustainable occupation, without destroying their environment.
Critical success factors where their ability to communicate efficiently and to discard traditions, if recognized to be obstructive. At the same time they where still able to maintain their cultural integrity, where the common goal is a high value.

Latest News

Theodor Langer presents on April 25, 2018 about Biocompatibilty Testing of Medical Devices at the FH Linz in Upper Austria.